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Best School Principal Retirement Gifts

So your beloved school Principal is retiring and you want to acknowledge the occasion with the perfect retirement gift, but you need some ideas?

Well you’re in luck because this post has 51 fantastic gift ideas for retiring Principals that they will absolutely appreciate so much!

Choosing the right gift for a Principal who is leaving is no small feat, but fear not!

We’ve curated a list of so many wonderful Principal retirement gift ideas that are bound to resonate with your Principal and show them how much you’ve appreciated their time at your school.

If you need some ideas for a favorite teacher who is retiring, check out dozens of fabulous gift ideas here!

Principal Retirement Cards

Thoughtful gifts begin with a card!

Here are some fun Principal retirement greeting card options:

How striking and fun is this retirement card from Annette’s House of Cards?

It hits the perfect spot without being snarky.

women's retirement card

This women’s retirement card from PattieJansen will give the Principal a funny idea of what she has to look forward to once she’s officially retired!

This embossed thank you card from Uplift Express is so lovely and work soft both male and female Principals!

How cute are the owls?

How cute is this colorful elephant retirement card from Animal Charm? It could also double as a card for a Principal leaving your school for a career move or other reason too!

Hydration Gifts

Even if you Principal doesn’t indulge in adult beverages, they will still enjoy any of these gifts that’ll help the, stay hydrated with their drink of choice!

I’ll admit it! This I Don’t Give a Sip, I’m Retired wine tumbler from Lisa Chu Calligraphy made me giggle.

And I love how it can be used for bubbly beverages of all types- adult or not!

Your Principal is sure to also love this Principal Off Duty tumbler from Hunter and Olly, especially since it’s available in a bunch of font styles and different colors

How about a custom wine label to go along with one of the tumblers? This Pairs Well With Retirement label from The Ivory Shoppe will dress up any bottle of wine, even Two Buck Chuck!

With several different colors to choose from, customizing this wine tumbler from Craft Chicks Design 1 is easy!

Give them a head start on retirement with this fun Retirement Starter Kit by Moose Oliver Designs. What a delightful present.

Practically Perfect Principal Retirement Gift Ideas

If your Principal has a just the facts ma’am sort of style, then chances are they’ll especially appreciate a gift they can use!

Here are 11 different ideas from socks to a charcuterie board.

Practical gifts are the best gifts and these cute socks from If the Sock Fitz are absolutely perfect.

They’re available with a bunch of different sayings and colors too, so you could probably find a hue close to your school colors!

More rounds of golf are also in store for your soon to be retired golfing Principal.

This golf ball set from Now That’s Personal are sure to make them smile every time they go to putt.

This personalized keychain from That Kinda Girl is such a practical memento that your Principal will get great use out of!

Holy Moly, is this not the most gorgeous charcuterie board you’ve ever seen?

A Few Spare Moments really is on to something with the fun mix of fonts and the drip border edge that make it both beautiful and practical and is a really lovely gift for a retiring Principal.

This layered keychain from In The Quiet is super cute and is a perfect little retirement gift for your Principal!

If you know your Principal really well and she has the sort of sense of humor that would get this notebook from Yes It Really Says That, then this is the perfect gift!

I’ll bet more reading is in your Principal’s future and in that case, she’ll love this personalized bookmark from Olive Press Co.

A different kind of personalized bookmark is this skinny stamped bookmark from Girly Craft Design.

I especially like the little charm with room for initials of your retiring Principal to boot.

One last book placeholder options is this leatherette engraved bookmark from Kraft Fox Kendra.

Both the front and back are able to be customized and personalized.

How fabulous is that?

A soy candle is another practical, but lovely gift idea and so is this Goodbye Tension… Hello Pension! candle from Blazed Candle Co..

The candle is available with a host of different sizes and scents, including unscented.

Niyewsor Retirement Gifts for Women Men 2023 - Happy Retirement Candle, Funny Retirement Gifts for Coworker, Friends, Teacher, Boss, Nurse, Going Away/Farewell/Leaving Gifts for Coworker

The massive shift in responsibilities as well as the things to take care of on the daily is a huge upside to retirement, as recognized by this candle’s sentiment.

Retirement Gifts for Woman Man | Citrus + Spice + Lavender | Funny Retirement Gifts for Women 2023 Coworker Boss Teacher Nurse Manager | Retirement Candle Decoration |Farewell Gifts | Made in USA

And not dreading Monday is another big retirement change.

This flower sack Not Sure What Day It Is towel from Raven Willow Co. really cracks me up because without a strict daily schedule, this really is the case, right?

Home Decor

Something to brighten up the walls of their home is another fantastic gift idea!

Here’s a few wall art and home decor ideas:

This photo holder from JCW Shop is another practical, but very fun retirement gift idea!

Does your soon-to-be-retired Principal have some travel plans? Perhaps to see those out of state grand babies?

This scratch-off map from Landmass Goods will help track those globe trotting goals in style.

How about a personalized “front page” newspaper announcement of your Principal’s retirement from Me Story Designs?

How fun would it be to see what the cool slang was from the first year they started working?

It’s sure to make for some great conversation starters at their retirement party.

This personalized wall art from Alpha Numeric Art with your Principal’s name and their official retirement date, plus room for well wishes is a gift they’re sure to absolutely love.

Holy moly is this Personalized Career Summary Art from Puff Paper Co. visually striking or what?

I love how many different colors it’s available in and I’m sure anyone would love to get this thoughtful gift.

The sweet and simple sentiment on this plaque from Nana’s Print Shop is so lovely!

Another equally impressive way of looking at your Principal’s career is to put in in numbers.

This personalized sign from Create A Name Art is really thoughtful!

If your Principal is retiring at the same time as their partner, this personalized Retirement Rules sign from Blackwater Trading Co. is so perfect.

This personalized laser cut plaque from Gifted Oak is a different take on wall art honoring your Principal’s career and the design in available in a few different colors and sizes to boot.

And it might also be able to be used as a trivet for hot dishes, especially if you opt for a non-painted finish.

Similarly, how eye catching is this personalized art from Twenty 3 Stars? So fun, right?

All Principals start out as teachers and this super cute ornament from Max and Mitch Co. calls back to that time.

Statement T-shirts for Principals

Your Principal will need something new to wear since she probably won’t be sporting school shirts as much!

They’re sure to love these t-shirt options!

Your newly retired Principal will love wearing this Let the Fun Begin t-shirt from Artz Design Store.

The shirt’s available in a bunch of different colors, but this weathered teal is my fave!

Well this t-shirt from Upgrade Your T-shirts is a little on the nose for Principals that do the whole retire/re-hire cycle, but it’s still funny!

Does your Principal love to go fishing?

If so they’ll absolutely love this O-Fish-Ally Retired t-shirt from Reel Angler Gear!

Doesn’t this Rocking the Retired Life t-shirt from Custom Tea Shirt just instantly transport you to a tropical, sand covered beach?

Yes, please!

Looking for a lighthearted retirement gift?

This I Worked My Whole Life for This Shirt from Nfinity certainly fits the bill!

I love how it’s available in metallic lettering as well as other colors too, on top of loads of shirt color options too.

Retired Principals will love putting on this School’s Out Forever t-shirt from Private Craft, especially since it’s available in several different colors and styles, from pink to heather midnight navy and v-neck or tank top.

So many “retired” professionals don’t actually retire, they move on to their next phase and this I’m Not Retired, I’m a Professional Grandpa t-shirt from Gorilla Rex is the perfect nod to that fact!

Being able to say “Not my problem” is something your Principal will rejoice at saying or at least thinking to themselves and this shirt from Mud Boutique is a nod to that!

The color choices are great, so you’ll find one to perfect complement his or her wardrobe for sure.

For Principals who are looking forward to spending more time with their grand babies once they’re retired, this shirt from Lotus Tx is a fabulous gift for a Principal soon retiring!

What’s more, the shirt is available in a myriad of colors as well as long or short sleeve styles.

School’s out forever for retired Principals and Tees Plus Totes offers a free matching tote with this fun t-shirt that comes in over 40 colors!

Retired Principal Recess School Retirement Gift T-Shirt

Everyone needs more recess in their life, so let your retiring Principal celebrate their newfound never-ending playtime!

Memorably Fun Gift Ideas

Looking for something a little different as a gift idea for a retiring Principal?

Here’s a bunch of additional gift ideas they’re sure to love that are unique and not expected!

A set of wind chimes is a wonderful gift and this personalized set from Stick It In Your Window is even better since it’ll literally signal the sweet sound of relaxation when the wind blows.

How fun is this Officially Retired tiara and sash from JPACO Boutique?

Your Principal will really feel like a queen wearing this on her last day of school!

How adorable are these personalized Retire-Mints from The Crayon House?

Literally a sweet addition to any Principal retirement party!

Most Principals probably have more coffee mugs than they know what to do with, but I really love this mug from Active Creation Co.!

Ditto for this funny retirement coffee mug from Ultimate Gift Shop!

“Stick a fork in me” is something I say pretty often, so when I saw this stamped fork from Heidi Kind Finds, I knew it had to be included in this round up for fabulous Principal retirement present ideas!

This last Principal gift idea is just plain fun and they will probably do a big, deep belly laugh over their Official Retirement Papers by Family Fairs.

Wrapping it all up

So which of these gift ideas to honor a retiring Principal do you think will be the most perfect to honor and celebrate your Principal?

There’s so many great options, it might be a bit hard to choose.

Remember that it’s not just about giving a physical token to mark the school Principal’s retirement; it’s about marking the memories, the wisdom, and the support that your Principal has given to the school community.

Whether they have been a guiding light for teachers, a mentor to students, or a beacon of inspiration for parents, these Principal retirement gifts are crafted to reflect their unique impact and all make for a wonderful token of your PTO/PTA or family’s appreciation.

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