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Why You’re Smart to Be a PTA / PTO Leader

Being a PTA/PTO leader isn’t easy!  But you knew that already, right?  It can be one of the most under appreciated and undervalued “jobs” out there.  When times are tough, it’s really good to remember exactly why you’re doing it!

Here are some reasons that I keep at the forefront of my mind, especially when I feel like walking away from it all.  But in full disclosure, that happens only about once a year.  And then usually I just have to take a break from the person who is driving me batty. 😉  Anyway, I bet many of these reasons ring true for you too!

You’re making everyday life at school better

PTOs are great organizations that offer many opportunities, big and small, to the school.  New playground equipment, an extra assembly, indoor recess equipment and teacher grants are all great ways to make every day better for the staff at school and the kids too!  Celebrate the small wins and turn semi-negative things into positives – yay for the new ball funnel on the playground, and we can try again for the $40k grant for a new playground!

You’re building a community

Working on a project with others to enrich your school is a great way to build a community!  Strong communities exist when people are acting together towards a common goal.  Working together is also a great way to make friends and a network of people who care about you and what you do in the PTO.

This has totally been my experience working in PTAs.  I’ve met so many people that I wouldn’t have otherwise connected with.  I’ve encouraged parents who wouldn’t have otherwise gotten involved to join the PTA and they’ve stepped up to be fantastic leaders!

I’ve grown my personal network so much that I know administrators, teachers, parents and students at just about every school in the district.  That comes in super handy as my children age out of school and transition into the next school up- it’s just not an unfamiliar, scary place.  My kids also get the change to become acquainted with the higher level schools so they are more at ease during the school transitions.

You’re making people happy

In my experience, happy teachers make for happy children!  And at the end of the day, I’m motivated to stay involved because I’m making my child’s school experience better!  And isn’t that what it’s all about?  My unofficial motto is “Life’s too short to be unhappy.”  I really try not to dwell on the negative or the seemingly impossible.  I try to find a way.  If I don’t like a rule, I try to change it!

You get the inside scoop

Not about gossip, my friend!  But I really do get the inside scoop about the little things that happen every day at school that my boys forget to tell me.  Because I am so well known at both of my children’s schools, teachers will often stop me in the hallway and share something cute my children did or praise them for being so helpful.  It’s not that all children aren’t being great but the opportunity for the teachers to share the gems with me exists because I’m in the building.  Plus their relationships with and connection with me makes it a natural conversation to have, which is really wonderful!

You’re making you happy

At the end of most days, I find that my involvement in PTA really is making me happy.  I feel like I really am using my skills and talents in a positive way!  I like to give back and being involved as a school volunteer makes a really big impact.

Over to you!

Got more reasons for why you’re involved in PTA / PTO? Come tell me in the PTA/PTO Super Star Leaders group!



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