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The Best Solution to a Dreaded PTA/PTO Task

Every PTA/PTO group absolutely MUST HAVE a current set of Bylaws and Standing Rules. And by current, I mean updated within the last two years.

But this task is not one anyone actually wants to do because it’s a super time consuming, almost always confusing, pain in the butt task!

Bylaws and Standing Rules make everyone’s job easier because there’s no guessing on how to do things. And they lessen arguments, if not prevent them outright!

There’s an amazingly simple way to take care of this task, by getting a framework that walks you through the entire process, step by step.

Here’s what you get

31 pages of everything needed to make the process oh so simple:

  • Detailed plain English, jargon-free editable template
  • A plain English guide on what the heck Bylaws and Standing Rules are and why you need them
  • How to create Bylaws and Standing Rules from scratch
  • How to update existing (even really old!) Bylaws and Standing Rules
  • How-to checklist from start to finish for the entire creation or update process (who does what and when)
  • Fantastic ideas and tips for presenting proposed changes the right way (get everything passed the first time!)

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Who is PTO Answers and why should I trust her?

Christina Hidek, PTO Nerd of PTO Answers

Christina Hidek is a PTA nerd with a mission to make life easier for all PTA/PTO volunteers and leaders.

As four time President, she knows what it takes to run wildly successful groups. And as a recovering attorney, she knows how to break down Bylaws and Standing Rules into an approachable process! Christina uses her decade plus of PTO volunteer and leadership experience to craft the best resources for PTO leaders and volunteers!