Yay! Your Fundraising Chair’s Checklist is on its way!

If you want to have the most successful term as PTA / PTO Fundraising Chair ever, then check out the video below so I can show you how I did it!

Grab the PTO Insider’s Guide: Fundraising Edition for just $5 on this page only and get an in depth training about what you really need to know about being President!

What You Get

This 24 page guide will take you from overwhelmed and without a plan to a clear headed Membership Chair with a mission!

Skip over common mistakes and get on the right track from the start!  

  • How to be the Very Best Fundraising Chair
  • Secrets of Choosing the Right Fundraiser
  • Factors in Smart Fundraising Selection
  • How to Avoid Fundraising Failure

This guide is awesome! It will help you…

  • Avoid the pitfalls that get so many leaders
  • Give your confidence a huge boost
  • Stop wondering what you really need to know
  • Give you go to resources you’ll rely on throughout your term

Who is PTO Answers and why should I trust her?

Christina Hidek, PTO Nerd of PTO Answers

Christina Hidek is a PTA nerd with a mission to make life easier for all PTA/PTO volunteers and leaders.

As four time President and 3 time Fundraising Chair, she knows what it takes to run wildly successful groups. Christina uses her over decade of PTA volunteer and leadership experience to craft the best resources for PTA/PTOs!