10 forms you need as PTO president

10 Forms You Need as PTO President

As PTO President, you’re able to juggle a lot of things at once. You wouldn’t have taken on the role, otherwise! And because you’re so smart, you know that you need to have on hand tools to make the job easier. With new PTO Presidents, the question comes up is what are the right tools […]

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Nine mistakes PTO Presidents Make and How to Avoid them on styled desktop

9 Mistakes to Avoid as PTO President

Great leaders welcome opportunities for growth with arms wide open like a big beautiful rainbow. They aren’t defensive or closed to learning how to be a better person, and in turn, a better leader. They constantly seek new tools to add to their tool bag of leadership tricks and are delighted when they discover a […]

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pto treasurer report

How to Give a PTO Treasurer Report

Each month, Treasurers should provide an update on the financial status of the PTO to the PTO officers, committee chairs and members. And to make it easier, a written report is best! I’ve sat in many meetings when treasurers presented reports over the years. Some included enough information to the extent there were no follow […]

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