Are In Person PTO Meetings Still Necessary?

Today’s post certainly covers a hot topic: PTO meetings! The debate goes a little like this: Do you really have to meet in person for PTO meetings or are there alternatives that can boost participation? Both of those questions will be answered in this post, so read on! Are PTO Meetings really necessary? In a […]

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how to avoid PTO meetings turning into ghost towns

How to Avoid PTO Meetings Turning into Ghost Towns

Expect the first PTO meeting of the year to have the biggest turn out. That’s the norm that happens because parents are excited for the new school year and will show up for the first meeting of the year. But for meetings after that, the meeting turn out will drop off or maybe even take […]

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how to be a stronger public speaker

How to be a Stronger Public Speaker

Or, how not to freak out when talking in front of groups of parents… Speaking in front of people is one of the most common concerns I hear from people about stepping up to be a PTO leader. They want to give more of their time to make a bigger impact as a leader, but […]

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