how to avoid PTO being used as a piggy bank

PTO Money Management: How to Avoid Being a Piggy Bank

How do you handle multiple requests to fund pet projects of parents, teachers or Principals? Managing your PTO’s finances so that you don’t feel like a piggy bank is crucial for a well-functioning PTO! This post will cover some of the best strategies to get in control of what the PTO budget pays for. Strategy […]

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Can you fire PTO volunteers from PTO Answers

Can You Fire PTO Volunteers?

You’re grateful for all the help that parents devote to all things PTO, but what happen when the volunteer doesn’t do their job?  And what if the person not doing their job is in charge of something rather important, say managing the finances of your PTO?  What do you do then?  You can’t fire volunteers […]

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How to Deal with Criticism as a PTO Leader

One of the very hardest things about being a leader is when someone is, shall we say… less than grateful for all of the many, many, many hours you devote to helping run the PTO!   It can really feel like a punch to the gut.  Ooof.   And what’s worse is that sometimes the […]

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