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PTO Summer School

Are you ready for it?

Now that I’ve planted that little Taylor Swift ear worm (you’re welcome), listen up!

This Summer, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and grow as a leader like never before!

Smart PTO and PTA volunteers know that Summer is the perfect time to set aside some dedicated time to learn more to be a better leader.

Imagine going back to school in the Fall with not only a plan, but knowing how to execute the plan!

For the first time ever, you have the chance to attend a class to help you with your PTO’s most pressing problems!

Here’s how PTO Summer School works:

In June and July, I’ll be holding a LIVE class on two different topics that come up at least a dozen times every week in my community of PTO/PTA leaders!

Class will meet for about two hours and will include a Q+A session where you can get all. of. your. questions. answered right on the spot!

The classes have been designed to get you off the struggle bus and onto the path of success!

Do I have to travel to class?

Absolutely no packing necessary!
Because you’re doing enough packing as it is!

You’ll attend class from the comfort of your own home- poolside, perhaps…
It’s up to you!

Plus, you can attend via phone or computer.

What if I can’t attend class?

If by chance you can’t attend the class live, you’ll get a recording of the class so you can watch when it’s convenient.

How convenient is that?

What’s the first session of PTO Summer School about?

7 simple steps to boost parent involvement in your PTO PTA

You already know that parent involvement is absolutely key to the success of your PTO.

Yet, so many leaders have told me that not enough parents are showing up to help or lead and that it’s a constant struggle to get them involved. 

And these same leaders are:

Feeling pressured to stay on in a leadership position they desperately need a break from because no one will step up!

Or they’re having to cancel events because there aren’t enough volunteers. 

Or they’re just plain tired of the same tiny group of parents pitching in to help!

What’s more, I recently polled the Super Stars in the PTA/PTO Super Star Leaders Facebook group to see how they would assess how well their PTO did with membership + engaging your parents/families as volunteers this past school year.

A whopping 85% of respondents said that they did just ok (with lots of improvement) and some were even too embarrassed to say how they did!

The first session of PTO Summer School will help you put an end to all of that and more!

Who should attend?

The dirty little secret is that all PTO leaders are actually in charge of membership…

And if your PTO has been assigning the job of getting new members to just one person, then that’s your first sign that something needs to change!

More than one leader in my PTO wants to attend class. Can you cut us a price break?

Yes, ma’am, I sure can! I want to make sure that every PTO has access to these classes because they’re so vital.

You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Special pricing is available for PTOs who want to send multiple leaders to Summer school!

Enter GroupRate for 33% off the price of class when 2 or more spots are purchased.

Sounds like just what my PTO and I need! How do I sign up?

PTO Summer School enrollment is easy!

Click the button to learn more and sign up!

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