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The Best PTO Planner You’re Not Using

PTO volunteers tends to be really awe- inspiring people.  

We’re the sort of people that can just make things happen!  

And we usually make it seem all too effortless, but in reality, all PTO volunteers know that a heckuva lot of work goes into everything we do.

But all too often, PTO volunteers feel like they have to go it alone on some things and figure it out on their own too.  

And this is one of the biggest mistakes we make!  

We’re so busy trying to get stuff done and be awesome PTO leaders, that we don’t look for tools to help us.

And that’s where this PTO planner comes in.  

It’s truly fabulous because it gets any parent group- PTA, PTO, PTSO, etc. into shape quickly!  

It gives a structure to follow throughout the year and has a whole host of forms that’ll come in handy throughout the year!

Let’s dive into what makes this PTO/PTA Planner and Organizing Kit so special!

First, let’s start with the super fun detail!  

A customizable cover is available- with the name of the parent group, or maybe “PTA Queen”?  How fun!

pto presidents planned and pto binder

Divide and Conquer

Keep everything organized with different and coordinating section dividers and inspirational quotes:

pto binder planner divider pages with inspirational quotes and sayings

Plan Everything

Each month includes a different motivational or inspirational quote.  

If you’re not already starting your meetings this way, one of these quotes is a great way to begin each meeting!

There’s a Form for That

A variety of essential forms are in the kit: Fundraising idea tracker, planner and summary, for example …

… and event planners and summary forms make wonderful events easy to plan, execute and repeat again and again!

… and event planners and summary forms make wonderful events easy to plan, execute and repeat again and again!

Leader Summaries

What’s more, the multi-page Board and Committee summaries make transitions super easy!

Gone are the days of forgotten details that make or break events.  

No more having to re-invent the wheel each year.

This PTO planner has pretty much all you’ll need to capture the details that matter.  

The same details that always seem to escape being written down!

When you use this PTO planner, you’re ensuring that events are better and better each year.  

Because you’ll be able to see what’s worked and what didn’t work over the years.  

Using this information, you’ll be able to improve year over year!

Even more to love

Life as a PTO officer is even easier with this PTO Planner because you’ll literally have all the information you need right at your fingertips!  

Your PTO will grow stronger each year when you use this planner because the forms allow your organization to keep all the essential information in an easily accessible and organized way!

There’s no starting from scratch with this planner and you have just about all that you need.  

I’ve designed this planner based on my many, many years of experience as a PTA leader.  

It’s been tweaked to include all the details that make this perfectly tailored for all parent groups, no matter whether a PTO, PTA or another parent group!

I go into even more details about this fabulous PTO planner in this video:

Best PTO Planner You're Not Using to Get Organized as PTA President | Rainbow Binder Planners


The planner’s undergone a transformation since this post was originally published!

There’s a new name (Now the President’s Success Kit) and a new look and a bunch of additional pages too!

The President’s Success Kit has grown to be the essential companion for all PTO and PTA Presidents…

Take a look!

President's Success Kit for PTO and PTA leaders
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