Are you cut out to be a PTO leader? |

Are You Cut Out to be a PTO Leader?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a PTO leader?

When new volunteers come rolling into the PTA/PTO Super Star Leader Facebook group, some of them are adamant about not ever stepping up into a larger leadership role within the PTO.

And sometimes it’s not because they don’t have the time.

Or even the desire!

But they question whether they’re qualified to leader their group in the first place.

And I’ve seen this issue pop up so many times that I decided that I needed to pull out a soap box and tell you what I really think!

Who’s qualified to be a PTO leader?

I don’t know where people got the idea that you gotta have a certain set of qualifications in order to be a leader.

I think it’s sometimes rooted in a lack of self-confidence.

But what you need to have in order to be a PTO leader is shockingly simple!

Requirements to be a PTO Leader

In fact, there’s very few requirements to be a PTO leader!

So few that I feel a little ridiculous having to type them out…

Do you care about making your child’s school experience better?

No? I don’t believe you.

Yes? You’re cut out to be a PTO leader.

Do you care about making your child’s school a better place?

No? I still don’t believe you.

Yes? I thought so! You’re cut out to be a PTO leader.

Are you a thief?

Yes? Read this on how that won’t matter anyway.

No? I didn’t think so! Read this on how to prevent theft from your PTO.

And that’s it!

I told you the list of requirements was shockingly short!

You absolutely have what it takes

Here’s a little secret and I’ll spoil the entire rest of this post right now by saying that you absolutely do have what it takes!

How can I be so sure of this?

Well, you’re still reading this for one thing.

Listen, anyone who’s taking the time to read an article with this kind of title has to be thinking about stepping up into a leadership position.

Otherwise, you’d be off reading about something else entirely… Like maybe the latest post about carrot riding babies on Cake Wrecks. Or the latest red carpet looks.

But since you’re still here reading this post, I know you care about your kid’s education and their school.

Still don’t think you have it?

Are you willing to learn?

No? C’mon now, quit saying no! You’re just being ornery now.

Yes? You’re in the perfect place!

PTOs are different animals, so to speak and there’s a lot to learn, especially if you’ve not served on a non-profit board before.

But here’s the thing. Anyone is capable of learning the ins and outs of how to successfully run a PTO.

Stick with me and you’ll learn all you need to know to be successful.

When I first started out all those years ago, I didn’t know everything.

But you don’t need to know everything to get started.

I have so many free resources for you here on the blog if you’re into DIYing everything.

And if you want a fast pass for #allthelearning, you’ll want to check out the leader resources in my shop.

Watch this!

Need a video version of this pep talk? Watch this video!

Are You Cut Out to be a PTO Leader?
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