Let’s be honest. Running a PTA/PTO is overwhelming.

There’s so much to take care of and even more you have to learn!

The binders you were given are almost no help at all, and you’re spending hours trying to figure it out on your own…

There’s no system for pretty much anything and it’s up to you to put everything together…

And then you realize you’ve been volunteering as if ‘s your job!

No wonder it can be so frustrating and stressful!

pto pta complete organizing and planning collection

INTRODUCING PTO IN A BOX (the Complete PTA/PTO Organizing and Planning Collection)

The advice, systems and organization you need to run your group without the headaches.

Because you deserve success without the frustration of trial and error!


Resources are plug and play, ready to be customized for your group!
Skip past the busywork and avoid reinventing the wheel.
Resources for every leader. Everyone will finally have what they need!
Use year after year. Purchase once, use forever and get free lifetime updates too!
Makes officer transitions super easy. Pass along info and tools incoming leader actually need.
Ready to use systems for every aspect of your PTO. Get organized with strategies that save heaps of time and trouble!
Complete Collection Introduction


Get your copy of the PTO in a Box: Complete Planning & Organizing Collection now!



Practical advice and ideas from someone who’s been there and already made the mistakes so you don’t have to.


Solid advice and wealth of information and tools right at your fingertips!


Peace of mind knowing you have tons of resources on hand and that you finally have a plan to follow!

President’s Success Kit

The fastest way to get organized as a PTO President. All the forms, trackers and templates you’ll need to be an effective leader without it turning into a full-time job!  Over 160 pages of every resource a President needs. ($35 individually)

B&W Success Kit

The same kit as the rainbow stripe President’s Success Kit, but in a black and white color scheme. ($35 individually)


How to Run a PTO Meeting

Answers all questions about how to run an effective board or general membership meeting in one hour or less!  This 17 page guide covers in a clear, step-by-step matter what to do before, during and after meetings to get members coming back month after month. ($6 individually)

Treasurer’s Finance Manager

Ditch expensive subscriptions to complicated money management systems and get the easy to use system designed specifically for PTA/PTO leaders.  Rejoice at not having to do any math because this program takes care of it for you! ($49 individually)

Treasurer’s Planner

You’ll love how easy this 32 page  kit makes it to stay organized as a Treasurer!  The printable forms and lists are the secret to spending less time managing PTO money.  Get organized in minutes, not hours! ($20 individually)

Fundraising Formula

Need to get off the fundraising struggle bus?  The 49 pages of this must-have guide will make that happen with simple and crazy effective strategies! ($30 individually)

Ultimate “A-thon” Fundraiser Kit

Learn how to hold super successful A-Thon fundraisers with this printable kit!  The 7 editable files ready to help you easily raise a ton of money without spending hours!   Customize in Word or Pages. ($20 individually)

Membership Master Plan

12 editable form+ flyer templates plus a 31 page guide of true gold ideas and strategies!  Customize the ready to print forms and letters to boost membership like never before!  Kit includes editable New Family Welcome Packet and Year in Review flyer. ($20 individually)

7 Simple Steps to Parent Involvement

PTO / PTA hurting for members of parent volunteers? Learn the 7 simple steps to get them involved as members and helpers in this 2 hour video class that comes complete with a workbook and private Facebook Group. ($30 individually)

Membership Planner

28 Pages of organizing bliss plus all the forms you’ll need to stay organized as Membership Chair! ($10 individually)

Bylaws & Standing Rules Kit

Take the headache and hassle out of creating or amending your governing documents with this 31 page kit.  Includes a ridiculously thorough and completely editable template in Word and Pages. ($10 individually)

Newsletter Template

Eye catching designed fully editable two page newsletter template in Word and Pages.  This template makes it so easy to spread the word about your events and programs without the fuss! ($15 individually)

Calendar of Events Template

Keep your school community in the loop with this fully designed and editable Word and Pages template to feature your entire year of programs and events. ($15 individually)

Meeting Reminder Stickers

Give parents the ultimate PTO meeting or PTA meeting reminder with these printable stickers! Ask teachers have students add stickers to school planners or stick them directly to kids’ shirts!  Such a practical way to boost meeting attendance! ($5 individually)

Meeting Agenda Template

Set your PTO meeting up for success with this editable meeting agenda template.  Literally keep everyone on the same page! ($15 individually)

Room Parent Starter Kit

This 30 page starter kit takes all the guesswork out of putting an effective room parent program in place to turn parents into your PTO’s best PR people.  Kit includes an editable manual template plus printable forms for class party volunteer sign ups and donations. ($15 individually)

Membership Form Template

Make getting new members easy with this fillable form!  Customize, print and go! ($5 individually)

Officer Binder Kits and Insider Guides

Your fellow leaders will love having an organized binder to call their own and all the insider secrets for their role! Separate binder cover and divider pages for Vice President, Family Events, Fundraising, Membership, and Secretary.  Insider guides for President, Fundraising, membership and Treasurer ($65 individually)

Christina Hidek of PTO Answers


Christina Hidek is a PTA nerd with a mission to make life easier for all PTA/PTO volunteers and leaders.

She knows what it takes to run wildly successful groups and uses her over decade of PTA volunteer and leadership experience to craft the best systems and resources!


Is this a reimbursable expense?

You should not be paying for this resource bundle out of your own pocket!  Your fellow leaders will love these tools so much that there won’t be any argument about using group funds to purchase them!  A reimbursement form will be sent to you after purchase to make the process super easy.

Is this just for groups starting up?

This collection has been designed with new and existing groups in mind!  One of the most frustrating aspects of coming in as a new leader is that you only get the resources the previous leader hands over. Even if what you get is fantastic, there’s always room for improvement and fresh ideas!  You’ll find all that in this Collection!

Do I have to buy another copy next year?

Nope!  You’re free to print as many copies of the resources as you need for your group to use year after year!

Will I get printed copy of the resources?

Not currently, but we’re looking into the feasibility of making this happen.  The advantage of having the resources in PDF format is that you eliminate the need to physically pass along the resources- upload them to your group’s cloud storage system and reference as needed!

Is special software needed?

Nope!  Due to the size of the files, you’ll need a program to unzip the compressed folders and read the PDFs (probably already on your computer!).  Once opened, you’ll need either Word + Excel for PCs, Pages or access to Google Sheets for Macs to customize and use the templates.

I’m not good with computers. Will I be able to use this?

Absolutely!  This is the most user friendly assortment of resources and tools you’ll ever find.  There are instructions and set up guides for just about everything.


Get your PTO in a Box for $250 now! Save 30% over buying the resources individually!