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How to Boost Donations for your PTO Long Term

A really fantastic source of income for your PTO or PTA comes in the way of donations from local businesses and companies in your area. 

But a lot of school parent group leaders have questions about how to get those donations in the first place, and then how to continue keeping that money flowing in to the school parent group.

This is a really fantastic component of any fundraising plan because you shouldn’t just be looking within the four walls of your school for money. 

You should really be looking outside, and not just continuously tapping the wallets of your school families. 

Looking to the your greater community for support is a fantastic way to supplement your budget, and make all of your financial dreams come true. 

Really, that sounds totally cheesy, but it is possible!

This post will explore all the ins and outs of getting financial support and donations from local companies and businesses beyond the basics.

Confidently Ask for a Financial Donation

The basic keys to getting a donation from a corporate sponsor in the first place involves confidently asking for a donation, in person, ideally.

A PTO buddy of mine once walked into a local big box store, and a short time later, came out with a check for $5,000!

So this of course is fantastic, but how do you parlay this one time donation into something even bigger?

Let’s get into that right now!

Strategies for Building a Strong Relationship with Donors

First, keep in mind that your ask needs to make sense for the company or business to be giving back to you.

In some cases, you’re really going to want to give something in return.

Taking the example of my friend, she didn’t really have to give anything back other than, you know, I think I’m sure they sent a very nice thank you note. 

Bigger businesses probably don’t want or don’t ask for much acknowledgement, but smaller businesses certainly are going to love if you acknowledge them publicly. 

Some of the ways that you can acknowledge businesses and thank donors is by:

1. Add donor names to event shirts

Printing their name for others to see their support of your PTO and school community is a fantastic way to thank the donors and support them right back! 

If you have a t-shirt for the event, print their name on the sleeve or the back of the shirt.

Go ahead and give them that publicity in kind of a big way because the shirts will be worn all over town and for years to come, too. 

Consider having a thank you banner made and then hanging the banner in your gym or along the school’s parking lot fence or even on the side of the building itself.

Of course, you’ll need to work with your Principal and custodians to find the best placement for the banners.

2. Add the donor’s business logo to your website

As the donations roll in, enlist the help of your PTO’s Secretary to draft messages or an article on your PTO website promoting not only your event, but also the donors too.

3. Highlight donors in social media posts

The messages posted on your PTO’s website can easily be duplicated and posted for wider distribution on your PTO Facebook Page and within your Facebook Group too.

4. Newsletter Shout Outs

You should certainly be giving donors shout outs in your newsletters or emails, both before and after the event.

In fact, take a look at these other fabulous ideas for promoting PTO events to spread the word about your donations and donors too.

5. Event Announcements and Signs

During the event where you’ll use the donation, make an announcement or have a sign promoting the donors.

For example, let’s say the local pizza company donates plates and napkins for your Back to School Bash.

Make a sign and noting that the event has been sponsored by the Pizza Palace (shout out to Toy Story fans!).

Why It’s Worth it To Go Beyond a Simple Donor Thank You Note

All of these ways to acknowledge the donors and PTO supporters are just simple ways that you can highlight the businesses.

And this in return gives them something in return that doesn’t have a strict monetary value but will go a long way in developing a solid relationship with the business. 

This means that they’ll be more apt to donate in the future as well, especially because what you’re really doing is connecting them with potential customers, which directly benefits them. 

You’re getting their business name out there in front of consumers who may go back and support that business.

And in time you, might be able to parlay the initial donation into even more support if the business sees the value of the relationship if there’s that give and take where your PTO is doing things to actively promote the donor’s business.

Watch this!

This video gets into the same topic of boosting donations and turning them into a longer term relationship to benefit your PTO and school community, so give it a watch!

Boost PTO Donations Long Term

Over to you!

I hope this article has been super helpful in helping you think about different ways that you can give back and thank the businesses for their donation and begin to foster a relationship that will extend beyond a one time exchange. 

Go beyond a simple thank you note and do something that’s more effective instead!

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