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5 Ways to Get Organized as PTO President

Getting organized as PTO President is a great way to being your term because it’ll make you feel more in control and you’ll know what resources you have on hand.

I actually can’t imagine trying to be President without being organized in this way because life would be so much harder, in the most unnecessary way!

Get Support

Being in charge of any organization can be a lonely place to be because you don’t have anyone else in your organization who’s in the same position.

But that doesn’t mean you’re alone in PTO!

There are more than 60,000 other parent teacher organization in the United States alone, so time to connect with others!

A fantastic place to join up with like minded leaders is the Super Star Leaders Facebook Group!

There you can ask questions, see what other leaders are doing and how they’re handling various situations, all without drama or judgment.

Don’t hesitate to join today!

Don’t Go It Alone

Another way to get support in your PTO is to not try to go it alone.

No matter what, there is always someone available to help out with the work of the group.

You might have to go out of your comfort zone to find new volunteers, but when asked the right way, people will step up.

Learn the Secret to Getting More Done

“More hands make light work” is an old adage that especially rings true in the PTO world.

But the secret to getting more done is really to effectively delegate.

But delegating the right way is tricky.

So make sure to learn the right way to delegate tasks to lighten the load on your presidential plate!

Get Your Digital Life in Order

As more of us are moving our files online, they’re becoming just as disorganized as our papers in real life.

But having a cluttered and anything but organized digital file is counter productive and can be a frustrating time waster because it’s not as easy to file a digital file as a hard copy paper sometimes.

So spending some time to get things in order on the digital front is a good idea!

The post outlines ways to get your PTO’s digital files organized in an easy way that won’t become a major project!

Get Your Paper Life in Order

Getting a binder set up to use yourself as well as pass on to the next President, is one of the cornerstones of being organized as President.

There’s just something about having the information right in front of you without having to hunt it down that is simply priceless!

Even if you don’t use a paper planner in other areas of your life, you will enjoy having one in this instance unless you plan on hauling around a laptop and printer with you to every PTO meeting and event.

A fantastic option to consider is the President’s Success Kit.

But this tool goes beyond merely the structure of a paper planner.

There’s also detailed guidance about what to do each month as President and a host of printable forms you’ll use on the regular throughout your term.

Get Tools to Make Your Life Easier

The fact is that very few people, if anyone, really, comes into being PTO President perfectly prepared for the position.

And that’s because PTOs are more complex than anyone really gives them credit for.

So be sure to equip yourself with tools that you need to get the job done right.

Figuring it out on your own is a frustrating and time consuming process and you can shortcut all of that when you have some guidance at your fingertips.

Enter the Success Kit Bundle for PTO and PTA groups.

There’s no faster way to get every volunteer in your PTO up to speed quickly so they know not only what they should be doing in their role, but also the best way to do it and have done-for-them resources right at hand when they need them!

The bundle reduces the frustration of not knowing what you don’t know and replaces the uncertainty with straightforward guidance and best practices so your group can focus on making your school fantastic and not waste time figuring out what to do first.

And it comes with a fantastic tool that’ll save your group hundreds of dollars, eliminating the need for expensive software.

Watch this!

This video covers some of the ways to get organized as President outlined here in deeper detail, so give it a watch!

5 Ways to Get Organized as PTO President / PTA President [Using a Planner!]

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