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What awesome things could your PTA/PTO do with extra $$$?

Let's get you set up to earn fast money by getting your fundraiser set up in less than an hour!

Register for this free workshop today to get:

  • A fundraising cheat sheet with 5 different 100% profit options to choose from;
  • Answers to your burning fundraising questions; and best of all
  • A live fundraiser, ready to share with your school community, to start bringing in money right away!

February 7, 2023
7:00pm Eastern Time

Keep All the Money

The fundraising platform we'll use as home base (Better World) is 100% free to use, with no platform fees or hidden costs. Organizations like Make-a-Wish, Boys and Girls Club, the Smithsonian, USA Cycling, and 65,000 others have had smashing success, so you can too! It's free to use because donors support Better World to help non-profits raise more money to make the world a better place.

Real-time Support

The workshop will act as a guided set up experience, with plenty of time to ask questions about anything fundraising. After the workshop, you'll have access to free priority support from Better World ($199 value!).

Christina Hidek

Hi, If we haven't met, I'm the founder of PTO Answers and certified PTO nerd. I'll be your workshop host!

As a Better World ambassador, I know just how easy it is to fundraise using their smart and intuitive tools.

Show me the money!

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