How to Create Awesome Events Fliers (for Free!)

Easy PR for your PTA / PTO group. Promote your next event using an eye catching design to increase participation and attendance in all school events!

I’m in the midst of planning a 6th Grade Glow Party and this morning whipped up a pretty neato flier for the event.  I was so happy with how it turned out, that I thought I’d share exactly how I did it so that you can use the same (FREE) tool too!

You see, planning the event and figuring out the what, when, who, etc. is just half of the equation for having a really successful event!  The other half is all of the PR and communication work that also has to be done.

And boring event fliers may communicate the who, what and when, but they generally fail to generate the type of excitement that leads to terrific turnouts with high event attendance rates.
So here’s exactly how to make really awesome fliers for your next event for absolutely free.

First, head on over to and sign up for a free account.

Next, you’re going to want to create a new design.  For a letter sized flier, you’ll want to scroll down to the Documents section and choose US Letter.

A new window will open up for you and you’ll have a blank canvas ready to customize with all of your event information.

On the left hand side, you’ll see many pre-done layouts for you to choose from.  Some you do have to pay for, but there are many free options as well.

A lot of time I choose a free layout with text elements I like because I can always swap out the picture for something that more closely matches my theme.  It saves time because the layout of the text info is all done and will be oh so pleasing to the eye.

Canva has some terrific designers, so I like to go this almost-done for me solution whenever possible.  I’ll be honest here- this not only saves time, but it looks waaaaaaay better than what I could some up with a lot of the time!

Here’s two different fliers I created for an upcoming event I’m planning for my oldest’s school- a glow party!

This first one is really cool and all I did was change the wording to personalize it for my event.  It took me less than 5 minutes.


But ultimately, I went with a different design because I wanted to print the fliers to send home (but this design will be used on social media to promote the event!)
This is what I came up with next to make it copier friendly:
Isn’t it cool?  I love how this turned out.  Communicating a glow party in black and white isn’t the easiest of things.  But this totally nails it!
You’ll see that I used the same fonts in the second flier, but just moved the text boxes around and played with the font sizing and spacing.
I ended up grabbing a picture from Google Images because Canva didn’t have anything that would work in black and white.  The program does have a ton of filter features to change the appearance of pictures so it is possible to put any picture into grey scale.  But they didn’t have anything as cool as the glow glasses that I found with a quick search.
To add in my own picture, I found the picture on Google Images, saved it to my computer, then literally dragged and dropped it onto the canvas in Canva.  It instantly started to upload it and then all was left to do was to click on the thumbnail image on the left to apply it to my canvas.  Easy peasy!
Once you’ve fully designed your flier, the next step is to download it so you can print it or email it, etc.  Canva offers a few different choices here, so you’ll want to pick PDF for print.
When designing a flier, there’s a few things to keep in mind.  First, know that most printers don’t print edge to edge.  So there’ll be a white border on your flier and you need to make sure to not have your text too close to the edge so all of it will be visible.
Next, school copiers don’t always produce the crispest images, so make sure the font is bold enough to stand out.  Do a test print as a trial run and then maybe even copy one page to make sure everything looks ok.
Once the fliers have been copied and sent home, get ready to get a ton of compliments for your awesome flier!
If you’re not feeling it, or are short on time, use an almost done-for-you  template!




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