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Every PTO Should Know About This Fundraiser

I was so wrong and I’m ready to admit it.

Back when I first stepped up to be Fundraising Chair, approximately 150 years ago, I came home with boxes of catalogs, a stack of parent letters and jumbo sized envelopes to make  up the fundraiser packets. 

My loving husband came in to see what I was doing and had so. many. questions. 

What do you mean you have to hand collate packets, then haul everything to school, stuff mailboxes and send the packets home? 
What do you mean you have to enter the orders in manually and worry about bounced checks? 
Just what year is this and why is PTO fundraising so stinking outdated?

I laughed and said this is how it had to be. 

What did he know, anyway?

But here’s the thing…

Only recently, I’ve learned I was wrong!

So, so, so very wrong!

As it turns out, there’s a much easier way to raise money for your PTO and school besides old school fundraising. 

A method that doesn’t involve paper cuts, standing at a copier to make hundreds of parent letter copies or giving up 50% of the profits, either.

Meet Better World, a best-in class fundraising and donor management platform that lets you keep 100% of the money you raise via product fundraisers, raffles or donation drives.

How is this possible, you ask?

They don’t take a percentage of profits. 

They don’t charge “platform fees.”

And 95% of donors cover the credit card processing fees with Better World’s clever system. 

Sound too good to be true?  Well, it isn’t!

You see, Better World’s mission is to help non-profits raise more money and keep more of it. 

They’re not out to make money. 

They’re out to make you money!

Organizations like the Smithsonian, Boys and Girls Club, Make-a-Wish and 65,000 other groups have all used Better World, so you can trust this platform has everything to easily help your PTO / PTA raise money too!  

What sorts of fundraisers can you run on Better World?

  • Product based like spirit wear, candles, etc.
  • Ticketed events like movie nights, dances, dinners, galas and more
  • Auctions, both in person and online
  • Donation collections of items and money
  • A-thons
  • Raffles and Giveaways
  • and more!

The set up process is so easy and takes about 5 minutes. 

Once you choose what sort of campaign you’d like to run, you choose your start date, a themed image to add some flair to your campaign page and you’re done!

Snag a cheat sheet to make the process even easier right here.

I was so impressed with Better World that I agreed to be an ambassador for them because we both believe that raising money for your PTO shouldn’t be hard or require you giving away a portion of what you raise. 

I see how using Better World will make the task of fundraising incredibly easier for not only PTOs themselves, but also for potential donors too.

With a Better World fundraiser, gone are the days of flipping through a catalog of overpriced items you don’t really need. 

And hoping that backpack mail successfully delivers the donation check to the right person too. As well as relying on people to show up in person for events in order to support your PTO.

In full disclosure, I earn a small commission when you sign up for a free account and run a fundraiser on Better World

But it doesn’t cost you anything. 

In fact, signing up for Better World with any of the links in this post means you’ll automatically get upgraded to priority support ($199 value). 


That’s a win-win for everyone.

Over to you!

What will your group do with extra money and time saved? 

Time to try fundraising with Better World today and find out!

*I’m a brand ambassador for Better World. When you sign up for an account and run a campaign via this link, I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Regardless of whether or not I receive a commission, I only recommend services I genuinely love and either have already or would use myself. I always have my readers’ best interests in mind when making recommendations.

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