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An Emoji Filled Teacher Appreciation Week They’ll Love!

Teachers at the end of the year feel ALL the emotions. From the joy of anticipating the upcoming summer break to the sadness of saying good buy to students that they’ve bonded with all year long. And mostly they are just plain POOPED! Why not embrace all of their emotions by planning a teacher appreciation week with an emoji theme? It’s a sure way to show you appreciate how emotionally demanding their job is as you celebrate all their hard work.

Wow Staff With Fabulous Decorations

You don’t want to see sad staff this week! Make sure to make them smile ear-to-ear by decorating in all things emoji!

Make a bold addition to their teacher space for the week by creating a brightly colored balloon arch.

Don’t forget to add in some emoji love to make it themed with some emoji mylar balloons

If you’ve never made a balloon arch before, check out this post for some guidance.

Hanging emoji paper lanterns is another way to make use of the vertical space and emphasis emoji fun for the week. 

Set the Table for an Emoji Party

Teachers LOVE food treats throughout their special week so you’ll want to set the table with emoji fun too! It’s an easy way to make a big visual impact to keep the table dressed all week long. 

Emoji tablecloths can help establish a color pallet for the room and make your table easy to keep clean throughout the week. 

Eating with coordinated party wear always makes things festive! Matching plates, napkins, and cups are an easy way to continue the emoji love.

Steal This 5 Day Plan for the Ultimate Emoji Staff Appreciation Celebration


Set up a super fun photo booth to let the teachers share their emotions! Your backdrop will also be a great decoration piece throughout the week and bonus points if you still have time to work in any of their great pics into your yearbook! 

A backdrop of super cute emojis sets the stage for some silly teacher fun. 

Obviously, they’ll need an assortment of photo booth props to fully express all their emotions as teachers at the end of the school year!

Does your group want to make this an event to remember and have some funds to spare? Investing in a portable iPad photobooth selfie stand will make it easy for teachers to look their best for their photos and your group can use this time and again at all your super fun family functions. 


Tuesday is for relieving staff stress and setting up some fun they can use all week long!

When your table isn’t being used to house tasty treats, you can leave some emoji stress-relief items for staff to enjoy. Who wouldn’t love to squish a bumpy sensory ball while waiting on their copies to finish printing?

You can sprinkle in some LED emoji fidget spinners to brighten their day!

Or let them get out their stresses and show they’re pooped and ready for Summer with this poop emoji fight spinner!


This is a week to forget about “Wellness Wednesday” and let the staff indulge in some sweet treats!

The go-to treat that seems to scream emoji theme are “poop” chocolate cupcakes. Go all in and make some in these adorable emoji themed cupcake liners.

Don’t want to do the chocolate poop icing thing? You can always adorn regular cupcakes with these emoji cupcake toppers.

Or even spruce up a plain sheet cake with some edible emoji cake topping images

And even the busiest teachers on the go will surely have time to snag a quick bite of chocolate happiness with these emoji-wrapped treats


Here’s a “Thoughtful Thursday” idea- give your staff some practical swag bags! Teachers always love some fun school supplies and there are so many cute emoji-themed items you can use to brighten their week!

All teachers love quirky writing options. Themed pens will be sure to help their mood no matter what emotions they’re feeling. 

Give them a place to jot down all those brilliant teacher ideas with some themed notepads

Some new emoji stickers can give their graded papers some new flair or maybe their teacher-to-teacher notes some additional humor at the end of the year. 

Cleaning their classroom dry-erase boards will be way more fun with some emoji erasers

And make sure there’s an easy way to carry all their goodies back to their classrooms by wrapping everything up in a sweet emoji-themed bag


Fun Fridays shouldn’t just be for the students during teacher appreciation week. To wrap up the week, why not let them have some fun and act like kids themselves? You can add these to a traveling cart and let each educator pick something that gives them a giggle!

Some bubble wand clapper toys might just be what the teacher needs to help call their class in from recess during these last days of school. 

Or maybe as the temperatures go up they could use a fun way to quickly cool down with a fun new fan

They can bop their way to happiness with some emoji punch balloons

And lastly, a group competition among teachers is always a hit. Pit their emoji skills against each other while they try to decipher some children’s book titles with a friendly little lunch-time competition.

To cap off the week, make sure the emoji winner can proudly display their emoji superiority with a super cute poo trophy. Who knows? You just might start a new school trend of the traveling poop-emoji trophy to help brighten teachers’ days for many years to come. 

Over To You!

Your school staff will surely LOVE all the attention you shower on them during an emoji-filled fun week. They will probably LOL at all the cute details you work in and may even CRY knowing how much you appreciate them! At the end of the year, we all know they’re POOPED because OMG some of these kids are starting to act TOO COOL for school! 

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