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PTO Fundraising Spotlight: Discount Card Fundraiser

This is a sponsored post.  I’ve been compensated by Discount Fundraising to write about my experience with and opinion about the fundraiser.  All opinions are 100% mine and haven’t been influenced by the sponsorship agreement.

The best PTO school fundraising is one that offers something families actually want and delivers a healthy profit margin without a ton of work. 

But what if that same fundraiser could also support local businesses at the same time?

That’s a fundraiser I want to talk with you about today!

As we come out of the pandemic and more and more of our lives return to normal, we’re venturing out into our neighborhoods and they’re looking a little different…

We’re noticing that a lot of businesses have closed. 

Especially small, locally owned businesses.

But you can do something to support your community and local businesses while raising money for your PTO

I’d like to introduce you to a fresh fundraiser that is a win-win for both your PTO and greater community: the Discount Card Fundraiser!

This is one of the few fundraisers that allows your PTO to raise money while at the same time supporting local businesses!

It’s a great concept because it is a highly desirable “easy yes” discount card that has the added benefit of being a no-fuss fundraiser!

How the Discount Card Fundraiser Works

When you partner with Discount Fundraising, there’s two options to get started:

Pre-sale route or upfront payment route.

Because this fundraiser works a little different and is actually a custom fundraiser tailored to you and your community, there is an upfront cost, but that should not dissuade you at all.

If you’d like to pre sell the cards, you can pay $497 to get a proof of the card with 10-15 offers that you can advertise and then order the physical cards after your sale ends. 

There is a 300 card minimum order, but that won’t be hard to sell through.

The other option is to pay upfront for at least 500 cards, and get the chance to really increase your profit margin while earning 100 free cards to boot! 

No matter which route you choose, you’re guaranteed a profit margin of at least 50%. 

But it’s easy to tweak that rate much, much higher depending on the number of cards you order and the amount you charge per card.  

I can’t think of another fundraiser that offers such flexibility!

Why you’ll love this type of fundraiser

First, you don’t have to do any legwork as far as finding companies to offer discounts. 

And there’s no worrying about wording your request to the companies just right or not having enough offers to make it work, either.

That’s all taken care of for you by the good people at Discount Fundraising, usually in just a few weeks.

Once you let them know you’re in, they get straight to work, finding 10-15 fabulous offers your families won’t be able to resist.

They work hard to ensure your custom card is a mix of food, services and experiences, and are all offers your community will love as well.

But what if you don’t love a particular offer? 

No problem, it can be swapped out for another.

The card is truly customized for you with great deals.

In fact, one of the offers typically pays for the card, which is another reason why the cards sell so easily.

Firsthand experience with this type of fundraiser

Another reason why you’ll love this fundraiser is because everyone in your community is a potential customer. 

Not just your school families!

Case in point, one Summer my Upper Elementary School PTA was having a Summer planning meeting in a local park. 

Two two high schoolers approached us, explaining they were selling discount cards for their football team’s fundraiser. 

I was so impressed by their guts to approach a group of moms like that, so I bought a card without even looking at the offers!

Why families will love the discount card fundraiser

Everybody loves a good discount and that’s what they’ll find on this card!

Plus, they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they’re also supporting your organization while scoring some great deals!

It’s a win-win for them as well as a no-brainer purchase!

PTOs that will especially benefit from this type of fundraiser

As you can see, Discount Card Fundraisers are an uncomplicated way to fill your group’s coffers. 

And there are certain groups that I think would do especially well with this type of fundraiser, namely Middle School and High School PTOs, as well as Booster Clubs, simply because the students will be able to help sell the cards.

What’s not to love about getting the students involved in helping to do some of the fundraising work?

Over to you!

This card appeals to a variety of people for many different reasons and is a straightforward fundraiser that won’t take over your life. 

The deals offered on the cards are super attractive, making the value of the cards clear and effortless to support by all community members.

Head on over to Discount Fundraising to get started today!

And what’s more, Discount Fundraising is offering a bonus of 100 free cards on any size order now through August 31, 2021! 

And you can stack this offer with the free card offer for orders of 500 cards or more, meaning you get 200 free cards for that order size.

Hurry and snag this great offer!

Fundraising Spotlight: Discount Card Fundraiser
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