Why Parents Are Running From Your PTO

The number one almost universal problem  for PTOs is having enough volunteers.  Some days, it seems like they’re rarer than walking out of Target with only what’s on your list.  Well there may be very good reason for that!  Today we’re diving into why parents are running away from your PTO and how to get […]

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Can you fire PTO volunteers from PTO Answers

Can You Fire PTO Volunteers?

You’re grateful for all the help that parents devote to all things PTO, but what happen when the volunteer doesn’t do their job?  And what if the person not doing their job is in charge of something rather important, say managing the finances of your PTO?  What do you do then?  You can’t fire volunteers […]

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how to communicate with teachers for PTOs

Super Effective Teacher Communication for PTOs

One of the best ways teachers can support your PTO is to communicate with parents and get encourage students and families to come to PTO sponsored events.  Teachers are super busy and have negative time to get everything done.  So anytime you want to tell them something, it needs to be done smart and strategically! […]

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