why parents don't volunteer for PTO PTA or school

Why Parents Don’t Volunteer

Does your PTO have trouble getting volunteers for events and programs?   Do you find that it’s the same 5 to 10 parents pitching in each time and it’s a struggle to get new volunteers?   The reason for this may be a simple fix. Read on to get it! The Mistakes You’re Probably Making […]

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How to delegate as a PTO leader

How to Delegate as a PTO Leader

One thing I know for sure is that as a PTO leader, there’s pretty much always more on your plate than time to do it.   So what are the options to manage?   Procrastinating and putting yourself in a time crunch is one way to cope.   Throwing your arms up in despair is […]

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How to Get Even More Parent Involvement in Your PTO Easily

Ask any PTO what they need and their first answer will be more money, followed shortly by more volunteers.  And there’s good reason for both of these answers!  While there are over 60,000 PTOs in the United States alone, parent engagement and involvement in groups has shrunken.  There are less volunteers doing the work of […]

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