how to keep PTO volunteers coming back to help and be active

How to Keep PTO Volunteers Coming Back

Getting people to first come to your PTO meetings or events, takes one set of strategies. But getting these same parents to come back to volunteers and be part of the PTO time and again, well, that takes an entirely different set of strategies altogether. This post is going to walk you through some of […]

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A hack to get more PTO volunteer sign ups

A Hack to Get More Volunteer Sign Ups

There are so many different ways to get parents to sign up to help as volunteer for PTO events: You can pass around a sign up sheet at a PTO meeting Post on social media with the link to the sign up form Ask parents when you run into them around store or at the […]

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funny pto shirts

Funny T-Shirts for PTO Leaders and Volunteers

Last week, I started a conversation about PTO Board shirts. Since that post was so fun to put together, I decided to hunt down some sillier options. And now for some T-shirt eye candy for when you’ve had a rough day in PTO Land!   Most of these are funny, some are sincere, but all […]

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