Gift Ideas for PTO volunteers

Gift Ideas for PTO Volunteers

Any time is a good time to recognize volunteers for their contribution to your PTO with a token fo appreciation. This post rounds up some great options that’ll make your volunteers feel appreciated! Give volunteers a daily reminder of your appreciation for them with this lovely keychain. This cute key chain is a nice thank […]

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the biggest volunteer recruiting mistake PTOs make

The Biggest Volunteer Recruiting Mistake PTOs Make

Want to know why your PTO has trouble attracting or keeping volunteers? It’s all in how they are recruited! This post will teach you the number one mistake PTA and PTO groups make when it comes to recruiting new volunteers. The Mistake: Volun-telling The number one mistake PTOs make when recruiting new volunteers is volun-telling […]

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how to keep PTO volunteers coming back to help and be active

How to Keep PTO Volunteers Coming Back

Getting people to first come to your PTO meetings or events, takes one set of strategies. But getting these same parents to come back to volunteers and be part of the PTO time and again, well, that takes an entirely different set of strategies altogether. This post is going to walk you through some of […]

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