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Should You Leave PTA to Become a PTO?

There’s often a lot of discussion about what type of parent group organization is better, PTA or PTO?  And I’ve heard more than a few people ask, should my PTA leave to become a PTO?  Let me come right out and state that I have a very definite opinion about the best type of group!  But […]

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How to Parents to Show Up for Your PTO Events

Have you ever planned an awesome PTO event and thought you’d have a ton of families show up for the event, but in reality, no one comes?  So frustrating! One of the biggest reasons why parents don’t show up to PTO events is that they’re simply not finding out about they event! It’s not like […]

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How to Partner with your Principal

One of the most effective ways to ensure your success as a PTO leader is to develop a good relationship with your Principal. A lot of times the Principal is the gatekeeper when it comes to communicating directly with parents and also for event approval.  If you don’t have a good relationship with your Principal, […]

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