how to be the best PTO Treasurer

How to Be the Best PTO Treasurer

The second most difficult position to fill in any PTO has got to be Treasurer. In all my years of PTA service, next to the President role, that Treasurer’s position was hands down the most difficult position to convince someone to take on.   Especially in the elementary school PTA where so, so , so […]

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pto budget tips

The Easier Way to Create a PTO Budget

The thought of figuring out how to make a budget for a PTO can be super intimidating. It’s such a big responsibility, after all! Fear not, today’s post is going to walk you through the entire process of putting a PTO budget together! With the tips included in this post, you’ll have all you need […]

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11 PTO Treasurer forms you'll need to stay organized and do your job as Treasurer of your PTO or PTA! #ptoanswers #pto #pta #treasurer

11 Essential PTO Treasurer Forms You Gotta Have

As PTO Treasurer, there are several treasurer forms that are absolutely essential for an organized term as treasurer! These forms support a financially healthy PTO by providing a clear process to follow. This helps everyone stay on the same page, and reduce confusion about the proper procedure. In turn, using these treasurer forms makes it […]

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