The Best PTO Organization Tips

Being in charge of any organization is not easy, but there are tools to help!  There are volunteers (like me!) who are willing to share their experiences that you can draw upon to make tweaks in your own organization.  In this post, I’m going to cover some other easy ways to get your PTA / […]

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how to be the best pto family events chair with smily face balloon

How to be the Best PTO Family Events Chair

One of the most important roles in the PTO is the Family Events Chair. And that’s because it’s the key to increased family and parent engagement and also for padding your volunteer base. Really terrific PTO family events are the perfect way to spotlight how well your PTO is working. They can act like a […]

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pto bylaws and standing rules explained

PTO Bylaws and Standing Rules Explained

Aside from leaders and volunteers for your PTO, having current set of Bylaws and Standing Rules is absolutely essential to keep your group running! But are you confused about the differences between the two? Is the thought of writing a set of Bylaws and Standing Rules super overwhelming? I totally have you covered in this […]

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