What's the difference between PTO and PTA?

What’s the difference between PTO and PTA?

The alphabet soup of school parent volunteer groups and their meanings can be pretty confusing. This post will clear up any and all confusion you might have. What’s a PTA? PTA is the “brand name” for PTOs (think “Kleenex” or “Puffs”) and local units feed up into a national group through state PTAs and are […]

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what to do if you're having nightmares about running PTO meeting

Having Nightmares About Running PTO Meetings?

Watch this! Read this! Are you worried about running your first PTO meeting? Maybe even having nightmares about it? I’ll be honest… as if you were here for any other reason! If you want to have a good first meeting, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s natural to be nervous. But […]

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5 things every PTO President needs | ptoanswers.com

5 Things Every PTO President Needs

Being PTA/PTO President is one of the biggest jobs out there. But smart Presidents get access to tools and resources that’ll make their job easier. Here are five things that every PTA/PTO President needs! A support network The first thing you need as PTO President is a good support network. The job of PTO President […]

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