How to Organize Records for your PTO PTA

How to Organize PTO Records

Have you just been handed a bag full of papers purporting to be everything you need to know about how to do your PTO volunteer job? Do your PTO board members waste time recreating event flyers because the digital file can’t be found? Does your PTO have communication issues that make the entire process more […]

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Running Your PTO During a School Shut Down

How to Run your PTO During a School Shut Down

As schools and activities are being cancelled for weeks at a time, you’re probably a little anxious and worried about what this means for you and your PTA/PTO. The reality is that rest of this school year is pretty uncertain. In fact, I originally wanted to call this post How to run your PTO in […]

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Are In Person PTO Meetings Still Necessary?

Today’s post certainly covers a hot topic: PTO meetings! The debate goes a little like this: Do you really have to meet in person for PTO meetings or are there alternatives that can boost participation? Both of those questions will be answered in this post, so read on! Are PTO Meetings really necessary? In a […]

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