What to do before the end of your pto term

End of School Year Reminders for PTO Leaders

So hear me out on this. I know you’re feeling done. Oh, so very much done. But there are some thing you need to do before the end of your term of office. Because it’s not only the right things to do, but your PTO will be better for it! Carve out maybe an hour […]

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How to Finish Out School Year as PTA PTO Leader During a Pandemic

How to Finish Out the PTO School Year During a Pandemic

The PTO world has been rocked by the novel coronavirus and the timing is causing a lot of turmoil for all PTA/PTO leaders. Coming about 3/4ths of the way through the school year here in the US, the stay at home orders are forcing cancellations of school, events and activities. So what do you need […]

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