PTO Officer Transitions: What to Ask the Outgoing Officer

You’ve been elected to a new position.  Congratulations! Now what?  The very first thing I recommend is to reach out to the outgoing officer or committee chair and schedule a transition sit down with them.   Now, if they have been awesome and have been documenting everything for the next person to take on the […]

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PTO planner on a gold background

Why You’ll Love This PTO Planner

PTO volunteers tends to be really awe- inspiring people.   We’re the sort of people that can just make things happen!   And we usually make it seem all too effortless, but in reality, all PTO volunteers know that a heckuva lot of work goes into everything we do. But all too often, PTO volunteers […]

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The Biggest Mistake You’re Making as a PTO Leader

Being a PTA volunteer leader is a a super hard!  And chances are, you’re making it harder than it needs to be by making a huge mistake.  For reals. How’s that, you ask? Easy!  You’re trying to be Super Woman.  You’re trying to do everything yourself.  Because you’re good like that and probably can.  But […]

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