Are In Person PTO Meetings Still Necessary?

Today’s post certainly covers a hot topic: PTO meetings! The debate goes a little like this: Do you really have to meet in person for PTO meetings or are there alternatives that can boost participation? Both of those questions will be answered in this post, so read on! Are PTO Meetings really necessary? In a […]

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how much food to serve big groups

How Much Food to Serve Big Groups

Figuring out how much food to serve big groups for events is a something that always feels like an unknown until you learn the rules! Over my years of holding the Staff Appreciation chair position for my PTA, I’ve learned how to ballpark how much food to serve for appreciation luncheons and other events. One […]

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how to be the best PTO staff appreciation chair

How to be the Best PTO Teacher Appreciation Chair

New to the role of Teacher Appreciation Chair or Staff Appreciation Chair? You’re going to love all of the ideas and tips shared in this post to help you become the best PTO Teacher Appreciation Chair! Involve others Like with everything else in PTO Land, Teacher and Staff Appreciation isn’t a solo gig. It really […]

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