time management tips for pta pto leaders

Genius Time Management Tips for PTO Volunteers

Ever feel like you’ve completely lost yourself to your PTO and PTO has taken over your life? Sounds like you need some time management tips, no? It’s easy enough to do because there’s so much that needs to be done! But that way of thinking is part of the problem… For one, it’s really not […]

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how to be the best PTO staff appreciation chair

How to be the Best PTO Teacher Appreciation Chair

New to the role of Teacher Appreciation Chair or Staff Appreciation Chair? You’re going to love all of the ideas and tips shared in this post to help you become the best PTO Teacher Appreciation Chair! Involve others Like with everything else in PTO Land, Teacher and Staff Appreciation isn’t a solo gig. It really […]

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pto mini grant program for teacher requests

How to Start a PTO Grant Program

Mini-grant programs are a great way to set aside some funding for items that aren’t already covered by your PTO budget. All PTOs should have one because they help keep your budget in balance. It’s also a good way to pay for new opportunities that come up during the year. Quite often, teachers will come […]

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