how to recover from a failed PTO fundraiser

How to Recover from a Failed PTO Fundraiser

What happens if disaster strikes and your fundraiser totally flops? There’s so much planning and preparation that goes into fundraising. There’s also so many different like pieces parts that all have to come together. If you know anything about cars and how they work, you now that it’s pretty amazing that cars do work!  Cars […]

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how to avoid a failed pro fundraiser on pink background with calculator and styled desk

How to Avoid a Failed PTO Fundraiser

When you’re putting in a ton of time on anything, you want to see it be successful, including PTO fundraisers.   It’d be a real shame if all of your hard work didn’t pay off in a big way!   This post will cover three of the biggest mistakes PTOs make when it comes to […]

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job duties of pto fundraising chair

How to be the best PTO Fundraising Chair

New to the role of Fundraising Chair and wondering what the heck is involved? This post will walk you through exactly what to do and also highlight some mistakes to avoid! Set a goal Before you do anything else, work with the PTO President and Treasurer to set a fundraising goal for the year. Without […]

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