How to Double Fundraising Income

How to Double Your PTO Fundraising Income

Does your PTO fundraising need a big boost? Tired of working so hard for so little money? I don’t blame you! I’ve been there too- putting in a ton of work for very little money. It’s so frustrating, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Time for a plan to turn things around. And […]

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How to Choose the Best School Fundraiser

To do all of the great things PTA and PTO groups do, fundraising is essential.   But how to go about picking the right fundraiser?   It’ll be no mystery to you once you read this post with the 4 most important factors in picking the best school fundraiser! This post is a perfect read […]

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how to be the best PTO Box Tops chair

How to be the Best Box Tops Chair

You’ve hopefully seen the announcement about Box Tops going digital by now. If not, here is more information about how the digital program works! This post will focus on how to round up physical box tops. Many of the same tactics for digital collection apply, but you’ll have to tweak your strategy slightly to focus […]

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