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Four Fundraisers to Avoid At All Costs

Your time as a PTO volunteer is pretty precious.   There’s only so much time in a day and you want to ensure you’re spending your time wisely.   So it doesn’t make sense to waste time on fundraisers that won’t serve your group in the long run.   Read on to discover four fundraisers […]

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The Best Way to Get PTO Donations

In this post, I’ll explore the very best ways to get donations for your PTO!   Whether you’re looking for items for teacher appreciation events, silent auction items, or Carnival raffle items, the process is pretty much the same. Be prepared Draft a letter explaining the type of donation you’re looking for and why you’re […]

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How many Fundraisers Should PTA PTOs have?

How Many Fundraisers Should PTOs Have?

Just how many fundraisers is it ok to have each year? Is there a drawback to having monthly fundraisers? Is the right goal to have to raise as much money as humanly possible during the school year? If you’re unsure of the answers to these questions, you could be making a tragic mistake that is […]

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