pto budget tips

The Easier Way to Create a PTO Budget

The thought of figuring out how to make a budget for a PTO can be super intimidating. It’s such a big responsibility, after all! Fear not, today’s post is going to walk you through the entire process of putting a PTO budget together! With the tips included in this post, you’ll have all you need […]

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11 PTO Treasurer forms you'll need to stay organized and do your job as Treasurer of your PTO or PTA! #ptoanswers #pto #pta #treasurer

11 Essential PTO Treasurer Forms You Gotta Have

As PTO Treasurer, there are several treasurer forms that are absolutely essential for an organized term as treasurer! These forms support a financially healthy PTO by providing a clear process to follow. This helps everyone stay on the same page, and reduce confusion about the proper procedure. In turn, using these treasurer forms makes it […]

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5 ways to protect your pto from embezzlement

How to Prevent Theft From Your PTO

This is one of those posts that I make in the hope of sparing you and your PTO from ever having to deal with this the horrible situation of theft or embezzelment. But just like a whole lot of things, prevention is key. Your group is should have very specific financial controls and policies in […]

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