how to avoid PTO being used as a piggy bank

PTO Money Management: How to Avoid Being a Piggy Bank

How do you handle multiple requests to fund pet projects of parents, teachers or Principals? Managing your PTO’s finances so that you don’t feel like a piggy bank is crucial for a well-functioning PTO! This post will cover some of the best strategies to get in control of what the PTO budget pays for. Strategy […]

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How to collect money and accept credit cards without hassle

How to Collect Money and Accept Credit Cards Without Hassle

This is a sponsored post. I’ve been compensated by Cheddar Up to write about my experiences using the payment platform. All opinions are 100% mine and haven’t been influenced by the sponsorship agreement. A frequently asked question in the PTA/PTO Super Star Leaders Facebook Group is how best to collect and handle money. Leaders are […]

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pto bylaws and standing rules explained

PTO Bylaws and Standing Rules Explained

Aside from leaders and volunteers for your PTO, having current set of Bylaws and Standing Rules is absolutely essential to keep your group running! But are you confused about the differences between the two? Is the thought of writing a set of Bylaws and Standing Rules super overwhelming? I totally have you covered in this […]

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