What can PTO Funds Be Used for?

What Can PTO Funds Be Used For?

Have some money burning a hole in your PTO pocket that you’d like to spend? But you’ve heard that there are some big no-nos about what your groups can pay for in terms of keeping your 501c3 non-profit status? This post is going to give you clarity on this topic and you’ll walk away knowing […]

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pto mini grant program for teacher requests

How to Start a PTO Grant Program

Mini-grant programs are a great way to set aside some funding for items that aren’t already covered by your PTO budget. All PTOs should have one because they help keep your budget in balance. It’s also a good way to pay for new opportunities that come up during the year. Quite often, teachers will come […]

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how to avoid PTO being used as a piggy bank

PTO Money Management: How to Avoid Being a Piggy Bank

How do you handle multiple requests to fund pet projects of parents, teachers or Principals? Managing your PTO’s finances so that you don’t feel like a piggy bank is crucial for a well-functioning PTO! This post will cover some of the best strategies to get in control of what the PTO budget pays for. Strategy […]

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