how to be the best pto family events chair with smily face balloon

How to be the Best PTO Family Events Chair

One of the most important roles in the PTO is the Family Events Chair. And that’s because it’s the key to increased family and parent engagement and also for padding your volunteer base. Really terrific PTO family events are the perfect way to spotlight how well your PTO is working. They can act like a […]

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school carnival and balloons

How to Have the Best School Carnival

Every year, my PTA throws an awesome school carnival!   It’s one of the bigger, more involved events we do all year and it’s both a fun-raiser as well as a fundraiser.   It’s a pretty huge endeavor and it is the biggest event we put on as a group. We’ve done it for so […]

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How to get parents to not ignore PTO events with clipboard and flowers

How to Get Parents to NOT Ignore PTO Events

Look, I know I’m being a little cheeky with the title of this blog post, but in all seriousness, you’re working too hard as a PTO volunteer to have parents ignore PTO events.   You’re putting in a ton of time to put together wonderful programs and events and it’d be a real shame if […]

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