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3 Ways PTO Treasurers Waste Time

Being PTO Treasurer is one of the most time consuming jobs.

And time is one thing that can’t be replaced, so today I’m shining the spotlight on three different ways Treasurers waste time.

Read on and learn how to avoid these Treasurer time wasters!

Preparing Detailed Reports That No One Reads

If you’re spending more than 30 minutes to compile your report for the monthly PTO meeting, something’s amiss.

If you don’t know where to start to compile said report, something is off as well.

Or maybe it’s not clear what should be going into the report that is actually beneficial to your fellow volunteers.

Read this post to get crystal clear on how to put together and give a Treasurer’s Report.

Having an Ineffective System

Another way Treasurers waste time is not having a clearly and simple system for all things financial that’s communicated and followed by fellow PTO volunteers.

For example, are you constantly fielding multiple emails from volunteers about how to get a check to a vendor? Not good.

Are volunteers really good about turning in detailed receipts with their fully filled out reimbursement request forms? Unusual, unfortunately.

If so, can you immediately identify the category the expenses should be attributed to and if there is a budgeted amount for the expense? Even less likely.

Are you spending time sending reminder emails and literally chasing down receipts? Another time waster.

All of these things don’t individually take up a lot of time, but collectively, they add up to a huge waste of time.

And it means an effective system isn’t in place.

Spending Loads of Time Learning Complicated Software

That fancy financial software sure has loads of features, but you probably don’t need the vast majority of the time.

And you probably don’t even have the time (or need) to learn how to use it anyway.

The truth is that you don’t need a complicated financial system in order to effectively manage your PTO’s money.

You don’t even need a system with tons of reporting options.

That’s because your fellow members are most interested in the basic information: monthly income and expenses and also how that compares to the budget for the year.

Committee members want to know how much money they have left so they can stay within their budgets.

The Fundraising Chair wants to know how much more they need to bring in in order to meet this year’s goal.

The Solution

The solution to all of these time wasters is to get organized and put an efficient system into place.

A simple system for in real time tracking of your group’s income and expenses in relation to your budget is just the ticket!

That’s what you’ll find in the Treasurer’s Finance Manager.

This is the only system that lets you easily track your money and prepare reports with a few clicks that is a truly cost-effective solution.

Another Resource

Another great resources Treasurer’s will love is the Treasurer’s Planner.

It’s not only a system to get your Treasurer paperwork organized in under 30 minutes, but also a complete system for handling reimbursements, organizing check quests and sending donation acknowledgment letters.

Watch this!

3 Ways PTO Treasurers Waste Time | PTA Treasurer Advice
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